Miss Media

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Miss Media

A comic novel about working for the woman… and winning one for the good guys.

Just in time for the new millennium, things are falling into place. Online advice columnist Lola Somerville lands the plummest of jobs at Ovum Inc., the hip new TV and web network promising smart programming for women. As Ovum’s in-house relationships expert, Lola is now up against the pop-psych big dogs—the authors of the mega-selling The Canon: Your Only Hope For a Husband and of the pharma-memoir Xanax Planet, not to mention E. Ron Wilson, kabillionaire despot of the Men Are Pigs, Women are Nuts empire. But Lola soon starts to suspect that something is rotten in Ovum’s 24-hour juice bar. Are her sidekicks Kat and Ted the only people who know about her forbidden romance? Whose idea was it to change the women’s sports show from “Sweatâ” to “Glow?” Could she—and her entire demographic—be up against forces more powerful than incompetence? The sinister, surprising truths Lola uncovers will change her, her slice of the world, and the market share of Ben and Jerry’s, forever.

“Sharp, smart satire.”
—New York Magazine

“Harris has a keen, witty ear for how men and women communicate today about the messiness of their love lives (or lack thereof). The plight of her characters is intimately familiar, and the way they express themselves, whether by a hurried IM in the middle of the workday, or in the studied, anonymous flirtation of an e-mail courtship, is absolutely dead-on.”