Breakup Girl To The Rescue!

Breakup Girl cover

Breakup Girl To The Rescue! A Superhero’s Guide to Love, and Lack Thereof

Only one superhero fights crimes of the heart, stops dating indignities, and helps you get your stuff back: Breakup Girl. Whether you’re in or out of a relationship, or just trying to get a second date, Breakup Girl will be right there—because she’s been there. Her witty relationship advice is gathered here in this much-loved and dog-eared book, drawing on real letters sent by men and women to the award-winning Web site

“Lynn Harris has done for the failed relationship what Jonas Salk did for polio.”
—Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist

“A seriously smart and insightful heroine for the new millennium, Lynn Harris’s Breakup Girl is a Joan of Arc for the brokenhearted, a combination Scarlett O’Hara, Mae West, Dear Abby, and Dorothy Parker.”
—Regina Barreca, author of Perfect Husbands (and Other Fairy Tales)

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